Caddies of Colour

Having art supplies organised and easy to grab is an important part of making art with kids. For Christmas we gave the girls art caddies (that were being sold as cutlery totes at Macbeth Collection) full of a variety of medium. Maya’s (3yr) caddie is filled with colored pencils, coloured japanese paper tape, origami papers, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Elle (15m) has a caddie of wash off markers and crayons. I chose ¬†appropriate medium for the girls based on age. Elle is too young for pencils, as dropping them breaks the lead and the risk of poking an eye is too great. Quick vibrant markers and crayons are ¬†best for little ones. Maya having reached an age that enables greater concentration and specific focus is able to happily colour in and so was ready for her first set of pencils. Dropping the pencils by accident still happens and so while I very much wanted to by her good quality artist pencils I decided t wait. I was happy when I found a set of 100 coloured pencils for $20 at our local art store.

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