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About me – written in 2012.

Hello friends,

I am an artist, a writer and sometimes photographer, through these mediums I express love of our children and the world around us. No matter how hard life has been at times, I have managed to look up, to be patient, and see the light. I meditate to consciously lead life with a positive spirit. This is a place for me to share my days and the ways I stay positive and how I navigate the times when I am not. Life is a journey to be felt.

I am a stay at home, homeschooling mother, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, that I am raising with a kind and warm-hearted artistic man, who is my love, and my husband. I am so very grateful for family and the life we have together. Our life feels incredibly abundant, not by the things we own, but because of the love and creativity that fills our home. I am grateful also for the roof over my head, the food I eat, the water I drink and the clothes I wear. These things I do not take for granted, and I know I could and should, survive with less.

I am an environmentalist and work to educate our children about caring for the planet and to make wise daily choices with the environment in mind. I do this in lots of ways, but one, and the hardest to stick too, was that in 2011 we decided that we would no longer be consumers of plastic toys. We are inspired by Waldorf philosophy, which supports our no plastic policy and helps us remain environmentally conscious. I do well to create a small ‘western family’ footprint, but I often feel, with further education and inspiration, I can do better.

We are a vegetarian family, and have great respect for animals. I only buy animals products from ethical sources, and if I can not, then I go without.

I was a home birthing, breast-feeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing Mama, and really identified with this role as an essential part of my existence. These choices defined my experience of early motherhood and were a pivotal point in becoming the person I am today. I feel so grateful that this was my Motherhood reality, and that I had choice.

Being honest and being able to sit with myself for who I am is very important to me. For me this is about being holistically aligned. It is about finding peace and acceptance in the form mother nature gave me, and then caring for my being in the best possible way. It is about being natural. I may not appear it but I truly am a hippie, I do not wear a bra most days, I do not shave my armpits or legs, or own any make-up, and as you can see by my long hair, I never go to the hairdressers.

I was born near Byron Bay, Australia, into an alternative, eclectic and artistic community. It is an energetically powerful place because of the crystal grid that lays beneath the soil. I spent most of my life on the far north coast of NSW, were I was exposed to a wonderful array of artists, writers, musicians, energy workers and healers that are drawn to the life affirming pulse of the area. Our first child was home birthed in Byron Bay, and when she was 1-year-old, we moved to New York City. I am not sure why we did this, because neither my husband nor I consider ourselves city people. We lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and we now live in Montclair, New Jersey, within commuting distance to Manhattan. I miss Australia at times, the culture, the people, but I have a strong sense that I am in the right place, for now.

I am a sensitive being and I have learnt to best compliment this, I must keep alive strength and courage, so that I can always be brave and strong enough to feel the feelings. Sometimes it is so overwhelming I cry with happiness. Sometimes it is so overwhelming I cry with sadness. Either way, I am alive to feel, and I strive to be both a deeper and lighter person because of it.

My favorite saying is, here and now…even though I am prone to daydreams, fantasy, and imagination. My mind wanders and I leave the present often, but that is ok because I am often searching for something. I am a virtual explorer. I sit and watch and wait.

The Dali Lama said “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” and I want to be a part of this, and I want to connect with other woman who feel this too. I want to savor and preserve the earth while living, and giving. I think that by being in my heart and mind and by having balance of the body and soul, I might just be in a better position to do this through my hands.

Since having our two daughters I have focused my energy on balancing life for our family by being a good example to my children. I do this by cooking healthy food, cleaning our home, forming diverse relationships, exercising, visiting interesting places, by hand making things and cultivating love. Whether it be sewing clothes for one of the girls or baking bread for breakfast, I try to do things with effort and integrity, respect and honesty.

Thanks for visiting,


39 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kirsten!

    For ages I’ve been meaning to tell you that I absolutely love, love your blog. I check for updates every single day and am always excited to find a new entry (and dissapointed when there’s nothing). It’s truly inspiring. I’ve made some food that you wrote about and did some art projects. Still waiting for that amazing banana bread recipe 🙂 I don’t even like banana bread but you once brought a loaf to my house when we had a playdate when Maya and Emilia were still little and LOVED it.

    Seems you really enjoy your life in Brooklyn. We are in Europe for the whole summer but maybe we can catch up in the fall when we’re back in the city.

    Have a great summer!

  2. Hi Claudia,
    What a lovely surprise to hear from you, so glad you are reading and enjoying my blog! It would be delightful to see you when you get back from Europe, or some time in Autumn. All the best.
    Kirsten xo

  3. I came across your blog randomly and I love it! What an inspiration you are to me. I am going to go make some felt circle things today. I will check back often to see what you are up to! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Thank you! I just never know what I am going to make next, but am always delighted by new creations, and love to share them on my blog! Thanks for looking!

  5. Kirsten, Just found your blog today via a link back. You are so incredibly talented! I’m looking around for an email and cannot seem to find one- will you shoot me a note so I can reach you?!?

  6. Hi Kristen,
    Your blog is lovely, you and your family look so very happy. It’s wondeferful to hear how you are doing.
    Kris from SCU printmaking

  7. Kirst……..u MUST, as I have expressed to you, pursue a ‘Martha Stewart” type of home show……..obviously, you would knock her ratings right off the chart!! This, or becoming a Waldorf Teacher, are soooooo perfect for u….although, being a stay-at-home momma is a serious dream come true already, right???!!

  8. Was told about your site by Parry and have had a nice two hours looking at it told my daughter about it as she loves making special little things for her grandchildren, She lives four hours away from me on a sheep station and taught her three children and like you had to make and do fun things with them,they are all grown up now,her grandchildren live forty miles past them but she has them over and makes fun things, does finger painting etc, etc with Keeley and will do with clancy when he is older. Cameron will remember me as I met him once or twice,had my 81st birthday two weeks ago, love doing knitting crocheting and any other crafts. Aunty Barbara

  9. Hello Aunty Barbara, thank you for being in touch. Parry mentioned she gave you my blog details – thank you for taking the time to look at it. I really enjoy blogging and I love coming up with things to write about. Glad to hear you too are creative and enjoy knitting and crocheting – and it is wonderful also you are adept on the computer! All the best, Kirsten.

  10. Just been reading about the hurricane glad things turned out so well, yes you are right it is the start of our summer, I am playing bowls tomorrow getting in a game before the heat.

  11. and now I see how even more amazing and sensitive you are to all that surrounds you. I wish we didn’t have so many miles between us. xo

  12. Oh, thank you Nina, you always have kind supportive words. I really appreciate it. I too would enjoy a cup of tea on your patio 🙂

  13. Hi Kirsten!
    Congratulations with your new website, you are a true example and inspiration for me! Are you also high sensitive? When I discovered that I am so, it helped me a lot to accept myself as I am. Now a live a much more quite and simple, healthier life I feel much happier! Your beautiful pictures and ideas are helping me, it gives me hope and now I’m sure I chose the right way… Thanks! Plumvreeswijk

  14. Thank you Linda, for your kind words! I am highly sensitive, but and I grew up with a Mother that is highly sensitive, more so than me, so I think somewhere I learned that to cope with this I need to be strong. I am fortunate that me husband is a great support, and a good listener, and great to turn to for advice. I have great ambition for my life to be better, and that I be a better person. I want my creative energy to work for the greater good…just have to figure out how. Thank you @plumvreeswijk xoxo

  15. Hi Kirsten!
    I am your fan from China.My English is not good .I just want to tell you that your life is very amazing.And your daughters are so beautiful ! They look like angels!

  16. Wow. You are a beautiful inspiration. I love your outlook on life and family. Your words and photos make me want to try harder to be a better person! Love love love. Splendid.

  17. Hi,
    I just came across your blog and ig feed very recently and i have to tell you, i’m so inspired by your pictures, your words, your ideas… By you. You’re beautiful inside and out. I don’t know you but i truly believe that.
    Thanks for sharing…
    We also educate our children after the waldorf philosophy and soon have to move quite far, so our daughter can carry on going to a waldorf school. Where we live now, there’s only a kindergarden.

    I had tears in my eyes reading the about section. I love your blog
    Thanks again

  18. Hello Katie, Thank you so much, you have made my day! Thank you for following along on instagram and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Kirsten xo

  19. Dear Kirsten, I follow you on Instagram for a while and I was curious about the woman behind the beautifull Inspiring picures, so intuitive and fulll of sense are they…
    When I’m visiting and read your bio on your site I understand how come. You Inspire me truly
    the way you live your life!
    KInd regards Anique

  20. Thank you Anique so much for you kind words, I feel so grateful you took the time to look into my blog. Thank you for following along with our days. Kirsten x

  21. Kirsten did you go to tregeagle primary school? Your blog popped up on my Pintrest feed and your name instantly rang a bell.

  22. Hi Toby, Yes, I went to Tregeagle school, and I do remember you, and your sister being there for a little while, I remember really liking you, I remember us being friends. How wonderful our names and childhood memories are still familiar to each other after all these years, when our time together was brief and young. I wonder where life has taken you? Thank you so much for writing. Do write again if you have the chance kirsten.rickert@gmail.com Amazing life!

  23. Congratulations Kirsten for the beautiful and thoughtful world that you are sharing through your blog and IG account. It is a wonderful, honest and positive force and influence to inspire a large community to try and make the world a better place. Thank you so much for sharing and we send you and your family all our best wishes! xx

  24. I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile now, and I’ve always been so inspired by you and the way you live your life 🙂 And how you are raising your beautiful daughters! And I’ve only just found out after all this time that you are Australian! Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us, makes me happy on my not so happy days! Your photography and posts are so lovely.

  25. I’m so glad I read this. I’ve been following via instagram for a while now and I can say that for me you inspire me to do that which is listed above. Thank you for your light that you share with us <3

  26. im sure you’ve been asked this many time, but could you let us know the camera you use for your gorgeous photos! thanks

  27. dear kirsten,

    thank you for such an honest statement. i am also a homeschooling stay at home mom. my youngest is now 16! how i miss the early years. i’ve been trying to keep an account of our days. i honestly don’t know why! i figure one day it will all be lost in cyber space, but until then, if you would like to share in our days, you are welcome to peruse our blog. thanks for sharing yours. xoxo, dorinalouise

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