Hello Friends!

Thinking of Writing to Me
Thank you so much for looking to contacting me. I appreciate the correspondence, kind words and questions. I will do my best to reply to you but I must be honest and say that I am not able to always reply. Sometimes I need to feel that beautiful free flowing goodness of life, without emails to write or commitments to others, but rest assured I am grateful to hear from you and will do my best to respond! If I do not write back, please do not take it personally, it might just be that I forget, or that I am trying to be present with my private life behind the scenes of social media… or it might be that I have too many emails to write and I need to go to bed early. Or that I am feeling bothered that the weaving I started two months ago is not finished, nor the painting, or the vest I am sewing, and that I need to do art and craft instead, for my sanity! I can promise however that I will send you love and gratitude telepathically, yes, that really is a thing, you just have to feel it 🙂

Inquiries About Product Placement
I never imagined my life would be filled with such kindness, I appreciate all of those that reach out to us wanting to send us something from their heart. I wish I could say yes to all that we are offered and while this would be so wonderful, my moral conscious will not let me. I have to be very careful and conservative, so that I am teaching my girls in the best possible way. We already feel like we have more in our life than we need or should, however sometimes I can not resist, because truly, I admire beautiful things, things that are creative, made with love and good intentions. Now and then, the clouds part and I feel that I am able to embrace and celebrate products and it truly makes me so happy to support artists and craft people. Thank you for considering us, and please do not let this stop you from writing to me, but please understand also, I can not say yes to everything, or respond to everyone. Thank you.

Questions About Homeschooling
If you have a question about homeschooling, I have homeschooling videos over at You Tube, where I talk all about our experience of homeschooling! You can subscribe to my feed, and receive notice when I add a video. You can also follow our homeschooling Instagram account @mayaclimbstrees It is my goal to answer all questions, but of course you know… I am often busy homeschooling and such. Love and light to you, I wish you all the best.

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