Saturday Photos Part 2

Saturday Photos Part 2

A sword, scepter, and garland of imagination. Appreciation is a dedication. What will Winter hold, we shall see. Right at this moment though, just you and me, And all of this, Beauty. Theater of the woods, Uplifting the greater good. All around To savor before life lays dormant, Underground.   Thank you for reading Magnesium Blue […]

Saturday Photos Part 1

Saturday Photos Part 1

We spent this morning enjoying the property we are living on before the green lifts away. The foliage is tipped, Autumn is sliding in like a slow but sure seasonal tide, painting it’s colors on the landscape. Tinkle the piano, hang out in the barn. Pick the wildflowers that grow in the yard. Visit the […]

Autumn Babaá Photos

Autumn Babaá Photos

We are wearing Babaá Knitwear Maya: Women Jumper no.19 Mini Navy Elle: Kids Jumper no.15 Flame Kirsten: Women Cardigan no.1 Oak Thank you for reading Magnesium Blue

18. Dear Mum, Waterfall Massage, Golden Milk

18. Dear Mum, Waterfall Massage, Golden Milk

Hi Mum, Hope you sorted out the plumbing problem. The overall cosmic energy will lift in a few days. I know you don’t keep an eye on the solar system like I do, but it has been Mercury retrograde. It ends next week, on the 22nd. This is also the day of equinox. That will be […]

17. School, Upside Down Reflections

When we arrived to school, which marked the end of the girl’s second full day, Elle bounded over to us with even more exuberance than the day before. “Mama, we went to the library today and the librarian said I could go there after school and borrow a book!” Elle could barely contain her excitement, […]

16. Girls Go To School, Mold, Dear Mum

16. Girls Go To School, Mold, Dear Mum

“Kirsten, there are not any other parents staring in the window, let’s go.” Cam said to me, lightly pulling my elbow. “But I want to watch!” I said as a poor excuse. Elle’s class looked so gentle and calm. Eleven neat wooden desks, of lovely proportion and quality formed two lines in the center of […]

15. Getting Settled

Saturday, 3rd of September, 2016 Well, where do I begin? Life is off to a great start in Maine! On waking I went straight to work with chores, but I am going to skip those details for now because the most prominent thing to share is that I swam across the cove. After years of […]

14. Arriving At Our New Home

Thursday, 1st of September, 2016 We arrived at our new home in Maine late in the afternoon. The girls bustled out of the car after the long drive and instead of going inside the house, walked up the slight steep into a pretty field with old apple trees and a sea view. The property is […]

13. Our House Will Miss us

Tuesday, 30th of August, 2016 “Our house loves us, that is why it is so hard to leave.” I said to Cam as I was hugging the door jam of our house. I think I have explained that I personify almost everything in our life. Everything has feelings and communicates, chairs, plants, kitchen utensils, and […]

12. Dear Marta

Monday, 29th of August, 2016 Hello Marta, A note from you is always appreciated, I know your time is precious. Now more so than ever. I need to make a mental note of when the baby is due. Winter? I have been keeping my eye out for your new collection. It has been a big […]

11. We Love Everything, But Change Is Good

Monday, 29th of August, 2016. Sitting crossed legged on the warm pavement I was in awe of the children. They were playing. Let me spell that out because it is the best. P L A Y I N G. It really is the most remarkable thing, and as I sat there watching them, I was […]

10. Chauffuering Monkeys

Saturday, 27th of August, 2016 There is an interesting parenting technique that happens in our household and on any given day there may be an example of it. This morning there was a lot of conversation about how in the world we were going to get out the door each morning and be at school […]

9. Nina Is A Winner

Friday, 26th of August, 2016 I really had the sense I had played the game right. The game of life. It isn’t a game though, but you know, if we are all just players, trying to win, win our own game, and win our game together, then we did it. Nina and I did it. We somehow fit […]

8. Holy Basil, Boyfriend Talk

Friday, 26th of August, 2016 Before the sun rose my eyes opened because my ears were full of crickets and cicadas. Let’s not imagine that too literally, those of you that are skittish from crawlers might get a fright. The insect sound that echoed all around had changed, and I knew, the crickets and cicadas […]

7. Nurturing The Free Spirit

Thursday, 25th of August, 2016 Elle came into my room as I was working. I had just watched the Sprit Weavers 16 video and was blissing out with gratitude for having been there. Very carefully Elle scooted in beside me close with her hands cupped and I thought she must be holding an insect. “Mama, […]

6. The Light Shone Through

6. The Light Shone Through

Tuesday, 23rd of August, 2016 (Content warning: sexual assault.) Maya came into the room to ask if she could lift me up off the ground. I was in mid step, with some laundry in my hand, and before I knew it she was slightly bent, wrapping her arms around my legs. It was my immediate […]

5. Do It, Give It, Live It

Tuesday, 23rd of August, 2016 Everyone says moving is stressful and while I understand how that could be the case I have to say, I am not stressed. I might have been briefly, but as you know I am always healing myself or as I like to now think of it, keeping myself whole. As […]

4. It Is Going To Be New Age, So Brace Yourself

Monday, 22 of August, 2016 Theres has been a burst of spontaneous healing this week. Blocks and fear have been coming to the surface in a way that I CAN express, and then release. It has been fascinating to watch, within myself, and as the layers have peeled away, it is then that I realized, “Wow, […]

3. The Flow of Qi

Sunday, 21st of August, 2016 There was a knock on the door and in a high voice I urged Cam to answer it. “I am still in my pajamas, can you please get the door! It might be the lady to collect the beds arriving early.” I said, wondering where my phone was to check […]

2. Saturday Morning Breakfast With Elisa

Saturday, 20th of August, 2016 Elisa texted me early wanting to know if I was awake and if it was too early for breakfast? I was excited to see her text, it reminded me it was Saturday morning and that we had a date. We had made the date two weeks ago, as part of […]