In a month my Mother in law Parry is off to Japan to see the blossoms. Cam and I honeymooned in Japan, and so I was able to speak with her about it at length. After saying goodbye to her on the telephone I went to our photo library and reminisced. While it was only a little more than two years since we were there it feels like a life time ago. Despite it feeling like a long time ago, I can recall my favorite parts of it easily. Japan made an impression on my being, on my senses. I can still taste the scrumptious meals we had in the Ryokan in Kyoto, and feel the physical awe of the Buddhist Temples. Japan with the wonderful juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary, dense cities full of millions of busy people and zen gardens that expand your mind into limitless peaceful horizons. Japan is like an artfully wrapped package, you know it is something special. We plan to go back for our anniversary one day, until then, I will enjoy hearing how much others enjoy visiting this country.

The Food, the Art, the Fashion, the Landscape, the Architecture, and the People.

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