The Snow Melts Away

Looking out our windows yesterday we noticed very well formed icicles hanging from the fire escape. They were some of the biggest cluster of icicles I have seen yet (having not grown up with icicles) and they reminded me of stalactites (mites go up, tights come down). I could not resist taking a photo of them so climbed out onto the fire escape into the freezing cold, with camera in hand. My husband was watching me from the window and telling me to climb up the ladder to get closer! I am always ready for an adventure and so I climbed the ladder to get good and close. It made my heart race being on the wobbly ladder climbing to the fourth floor of our building. Up so high in the cold wind, so good to feel alive.

We are enjoying finding icicle on our travels, one of the pleasures to be had as the snow melts away.

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