Strolling Through The Park

On our walk through the Park on Monday (Presidents Day) we made a few great discoveries. It is intriguing to come across the product and results of personal activities of others on display in public spaces. It makes you wonder, who did this? We found a beautiful strand of origami paper cranes hanging on a tree.

Not far from this there was a huge snow hut. It was an impressive structure, very big and well made. Someone had gone to much effort to create a large snow circumference with fir tree walls.  We had fun playing inside the hut. Maya went to work collecting pine cones that she put in the huts ‘kitchen’ and then served us them for ‘dessert’.

Another part of our walk involved snow painting. On our way out the door to the park I grabbed some plastic containers that I use for frosting cookies. I put some water and a few drops of food dye in them. I thought it might be fun! Maya enjoyed squeezing the dye into the snow, watching the colours bleed and spread. A great activity for the kids in the snow beyond sledding…which we did a lot of on the weekend too. Still lots of snow on the ground, that does not seem to be going anywhere fast!

Click on the photo thumbnails and have a good look at our outing!

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