The New York Aquarium is a short train ride from our house. Located at the famous Coney Island. The combination of  warm spring weather and my friend’s shark cushions inspired me to take the girls to the Aquarium. We had to go and see the sharks! We had a lovely stroll along the board walk, ate some horrible Coney Island food and then spent the day viewing sea creatures. The favorite part of the day was watching Osbourne the Sea Lion preform in the pool auditorium. Interestingly  the show presenter talked about the 80% decline in the shark population, and the extinction of species of sharks. Over a million sharks are killed each year. This is due to the ocean being over fished, shark finning, as well as global warming. A good reminder, if you have to eat fish, choose to eat pole caught fish. The decline in a predator like the shark can have a devastating effect on the marine ecology. A visit to the Aquarium keeps me a vegetarian! A good reminder how much we love all the fish in the sea!

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