Shannon’s Nursery

We hopped in our new car and drove to Shannon’s Nursery to buy some flowers for our fairy garden. What an exciting adventure! To drive a car as well as buy flowers to plant in our back yard! It was a very very hot day and so the flowers and plants were wilting under the intensity of the sun. Maya, Elle and I were also feeling the heat and so we quickly gathered a good selection of brightly coloured flowers. It was fun for the girls to choose what appealed to them. Maya very much wanted a hibiscus, but I said no, not the right climate! W then hopped back in our car with the boot full of plants, driving straight home to plant the beauties. Foxgloves, marigolds, cosmos, salvia, alyssum, vinca, zinnia, gompherena and some I have no idea about the names of. The moment we arrived home, the girls stripped off and had popsicles….while I got to dig in the dirt!

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