Red Hook Pool

There is something for everybody at the Sol Goldman Recreation Center (aka Red Hook Pool).  It is a wonderful community facility, with free entry into the swimming pool, so really everyone can go! The Girls and I have been going at least one day a week for the past month, and even if we only stay for an hour some days, it is worth the drive to Red Hook. We pack a lunch, spend time in the pool until our appetites find us hungry and then we go outside and sit beneath a tree and picnic before driving home again.

Whether you want to go there for swimming exercise or to just cool off and play it is a great venue. The Girls are really enjoying the water, Elle will jump off the side of the pool and go under. Maya is trying with much enthusiasm to “swim”. I hope to go there to do laps at some point, with plenty of lanes designated for lap swimming (which are a good distance from the open areas). The open area is a 3FT deep portion of the pool, which is large enough to accommodate hundreds of people on a hot day in Brooklyn. The pool has both ramp and chair lift entrance for individuals not able to climb the ladders in and out of the water. The Children’s (toddler & Baby) wading pool is extra large and shallow, with a comfortable seat like trough. Scattered all over the shallow pool are huge colourful fountains to run through. There are bleachers nearby that let parents have a seat while they supervise. There is shade to be found and amenities are clean. The staff are friendly, helpful and conscientious. Public transport and parking are also easy to access and so all round Red Hook pool is a great way to beat the heat.

Open to the public from 11am – 3pm & 4pm -7pm

Note: The pool has strict rules that they reinforce so I recommend reading this information before first going.

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