Leaving Town

Our summer days have easily been filled in our back yard….and as we decided not to have any big trips this year most of our summer has been spent at home in the garden or exploring NYC attractions. We did whoever want to venture a little further now that we own a car and so last weekend we drove to Mystic Connecticut for a few days away. Connecticut is a beautiful state, with a lovely coastline dappled with quaint towns and small cities. We stayed off the Highway for much of the drive to and from Mystic which gave us a good look at some very cute places. We had lunch at Rowayton, a tiny town just North of Darrien. It is on the water, has beautiful homes and lovely shops and while we were there it was market day. Maya and I wanted to stop there and spend the day kayaking or paddling on a surf ski….but we had to get back on the road to Mystic.

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