Three Days Away: Day Three, Mystic Town

The seaside town of Mystic is filled with Maritime history. As you stroll around the streets there are plaques on house doors to indicate the sailing captain that once lived there. There are old boats, old anchors and just about everything to do with the sea and life at sea. Including seafood. We ate at a fantastic restaurant called S&P Oyster. Let me warn you though, that there is a wait to be seated in Summer on weekends. We knew this and so we went there for a late lunch early dinner. Situated right on the water overlooking the sound, with beautiful garden and very good food. After the big lunch/dinner we walked around and looked at the shops. A very good variety of stores all with the theme of beach, summer, and coastal lifestyle. Next it was time for ice cream, the Girls and Cam shared a cone and a bowl, which made for two happy little Girls…

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