And Once Again…

With the first week of school over I have had time to reflect on all the positive things about going to the Waldorf Playgroup. Although Maya only goes to school three half days, the days that she does go become a full day devoted to the Group. After pick-up many of the parents go to the Playground located across the road from the school. We then play well into the afternoon, leaving around 3pm or sometime 4pm! I was delighted this week when so many of the new families were at the park after school and that this tradition will continue. We are often reminded on these afternoons how lucky we are to have this like minded bunch. No nannies, no daycare. Stay at home Mothers, and even a couple of stay at home Fathers! I am looking forward to the next couple of months of socialising in the park while the weather still allows. Enjoying watching the beautiful children run around for hours, climbing, jumping, swinging, and once again….building Fairy houses.

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