Midnight Fairy: Construction

With a little over a week until Halloween, it is time to get sewing! I started this project six weeks ago and have done little since I first posted about the deconstruction of the dress I picked up at salvation Army. Today, bright and early while still in our PJ’s, Maya, Elle and I were busy sewing. I have almost finished the skirt and look forward to showing you! I think by tomorrow it should be done. Then we can have fun with choosing the accessories to go with it…glitter stockings, tiara, wand…my oh my…Halloween is so much fun. The fabric is just so fancy, and unique. I have enjoyed working with it, the mesh, glittery specks, and the polyester satin…wow! ┬áIt is so very different to the cotton fabrics I usually sew with…and of course, Maya can’t wait to try it on!

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