Midnight Fairies

Sadly we missed out on Halloween and did not get to dress up, so I suggested to Maya that she put on her Midnight Fairy costume anyway, and we go in search of a haunted house. This idea appealed to Elle too and so out the door we headed, looking for the spookiest looking house in our neighbourhood. With many of the big old homes in disrepair, it does not take much for the imagination to run wild…One mansion in particular on Albemarle is amazing. A Gothic revival plantation house that is so huge, and so old and falling to bits, it has to have ghosts! I just love the windows that are like spider webs. Maya enjoyed casting spells with her magic wand…and I enjoyed seeing her twirl about in her costume! Hours of sewing complete: the tulle glitter skirt and a velvet caplet lined with silk butterfly brocade, pinned with my Great-Grandmothers antique rose brooch. Such sumptuous fabrics made the costume so elegant and detailed…worth all┬áthe effort for my little Girl…it really suited Maya. Next year Elle Belle will get a special homemade outfit too…I had better start sewing in June!

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