Cranberry Popcorn Garland

On the days leading up to Christmas we like to make cranberry popcorn garlands. I really like the added touch of a subtle garland on a tree, particularly a natural element garland. My favorite being this delicate garland as it is temporary and has to be made fresh each year. When you see a tree with a garland like this, you know there has recently been hands threading each little piece onto a needle. I love this kind of festive dedication! Both the Girls like to work in this project…starting with eating the popcorn the night before. Elle gladly helped hang the garland today. I enjoyed sitting back and admiring our work. Symbolic of our time spent around a table together making something…


You need a bowl of day old popcorn. Use stale popcorn as fresh popcorn is too crispy and breaks. Make the popcorn the night before, let sit overnight uncovered and use the next day. On the other hand, fresh cranberries are very important. One bag goes a long way. You then need some fine string and a medium eye needle. I have also used dental floss, which works very well and is easy to thread. When threading I do a pattern of two/two. Two pieces of popcorn followed by two cranberries. I do this as sometimes the popcorn falls off so it help to have two pieces together. I make the garlands in short sections as they are easier to put on the tree, and easier to thread. I make half a dozen or so and put them on the tree as if one continuous string.

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