Valentines Party

Our valentines party was a lot of fun. The sun poured in the kitchen windows, bathing the dinning table in light. Mothers sat around sipping tea and talking about real estate and education, and then later in the day we shared our birth stories (0ne of my favorite things to do!). In between a song circle and valentine card exchanges, making and baking cookies, and eating lunch the Children played together so well. Imaginations were alive and when I stopped at the end of the day to count, Maya had 5 different outfit changes based upon her various whims – from ballerina to Native American ‘Indian’. At one point I went into Maya’s room to find almost all of the children standing in Maya’s wardrobe. I was promptly told “No grown ups allowed!” and so to my pleasure, I left.

We had a lovely brunch of fresh blueberry muffins, homemade popcorn, Mexican wedding cakes, clementines and almonds. I was up early busy baking, which to me is so worth it to have everything homemade and fresh! For lunch I made the children pizza and for the Mothers I made butternut soup served with farmhouse multi-grain bread. Our party lingered into the afternoon and the Children had to be coaxed to leave. We bid happy farewells and thank yous on the back patio, all commenting that it felt like Spring was in the air…and that we should soon have a Spring party!

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