Fairy Garden

This week we continued to work on the Garden. As it is our second year working in the garden I now have a little more knowledge of what to expect to see. I have begun to formulate a mental list of annuals and perennials, and am getting a better sense of how to garden in this climate. It has been lovely to discover what survived the winter, of the things we plated last year – the snap dragons are alive and well! We also went to work on re-establishing the fairy house, that was surprisingly still in tact, but need re-decorating with rocks and shells – expect to see more about this in the coming weeks! Maya and Elle have filled hours playing with snails and slugs – NOTE: snails are allowed┬áin the fairy house, slugs are not – By order of the little gardeners! I recall playing snail families as a child and am only too happy to help the Girls collect snails.

An outing to Shannon’s Nursery was a Spring sensation with hot houses full to the brim with flowering plants. The Girls and I each chose a selection of seedlings. Maya insisted on buying a bleeding heart plant – which she can identify whenever she sees one. They also took an opportunity while at the nursery to collect fallen flowers from the ground. Under strict instructions not to pick flowers, Maya quickly followed a path of flower debris laying on the ground. These flowers came home with us and Maya made a beautiful bouquet that she sat on an ivy leaf and rested in the crux of a tree as a ‘present for the fairies’.

Overnight things are growing like magic…we have been delighted to see the changes in the garden daily. The bulbs have grown and are flowering, and other little shoots are popping up. The dormant plants are no longer looking dead, new life is at hand.┬áIt is so exciting to think that in a few months our garden will be colourful and lush like this again…

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