Lazy Autumn Weekends

We have been enjoying some slow lazy weekends…that really are not that lazy, but feel kind of so as we have not made plans, but filled our days with spontaneous cooking, crafting and hiking and some doing nothing as well. The (slightly) cooler weather had me get the wool roving out for some needle felting – once again making toadstool Christmas ornaments. Our kitchen is bustling with weekend pizza, cookies and apple sauce makings – Maya cut up the whole pot of apples – and ate most of the applesauce too! Our walks in the woods have been all about appreciating the change to Autumn colours, and watching the leaves slowly fall. Stockings have reappeared on my clothes line, and boots are once again lining our entrance. We are living with a constant on and off  of layers, trying to find the balance during four seasons in one day. Traces of Summer are seeping away and I can feel myself winding down and preparing for the inward seasons. The urgency to get settled in our new home has passed, and we have sunk into a comfortable pattern, that is new and different, but also familiar and the same. It is funny how Fall makes you let go. I really do feel like a tree, dropping my leaves, surrendering to the cycle of life.

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