1st Sunrise At Grandma’s

One of the positive things about jet lag, is waking to see sunrise. For the entire first week of our trip to Australia (and then some), the Girls and I woke at dawn. I had not seen the sun rise for a long while and I really enjoyed the morning light. Together we sat on Grandma’s porch swing, while the sun climbed higher into the sky. In sleepy silence we awakened with the new day. We watched until the rays became so brilliant we had to look away. The Girls were then ready for breakfast, and so too was a pretty little topnotch that landed in Grandma’s feeder. I was so excited to hear the familiar flutter and trill unique to this pretty bird, I always thought them so special as a child. I shared my enthusiasm with the Girls, then in a beat our bird friend was gone again and the sun had snuck higher and we knew now how the day slips away.

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