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When I was a child we would often visit the Arts and Industrial Estate in Byron Bay. It was always an exciting outing because we would go to the studios of Artists that were making a living through arts and crafts. Sometimes if I was lucky my mother would buy me something from the sample bins. I have fond memories of a pair of hand printed cotton bikinis with hot pink leg frills from Skallyrags. I was fascinated as a child that while shopping for a local hand-made item, I could spy into the studio and actually see people making things. My interests often led to more in-depth tours and that magic of seeing the squeegee slide across the printing screen was something that stayed with me. Now with my daughters in tow, I seek out these creative people and spaces so that my children too will have a relationship with how beautiful things are made and the people behind them.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Wovenplay boutique opening, and like my childhood studio experience, the Wovenplay boutique is an active creative space that is enchanting for both the things they make and how they make them. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the Wovenplay boutique is a destination on its own, but for those wanting to sight see, take Wovenplay’s recommendation of perusing the Brooklyn Flea and a meal at Achilles Heel.

The creativity and beauty behind Wovenplay is Katherine Edmonds. Meeting Katherine might have you a little starstruck, her friendliness and warmth make you feel like you have stepped into a nest you don’t want to leave. Katherine flits about with such energy and enthusiasm, and her desire to assist is abundant. You can see that her work is in fact, a great joy.


As the name suggests, Wovenplay items are formed with specific attention to fabric and structure, with an underpinning of childhood freedom and imagination. The company phrase says it perfectly “Creative couture for the everyday artist and adventurer“. Wovenplay clothes are an inspired cusp, brimming with nostalgia and dreams while being stylish, subtle and skillfully made. Wovenplay brings whimsy to life, and this is a gift. The fabrics of choice are natural, silks and cottons. Even the tulle is cotton, which if you are a fabric connoisseur like myself, you will greatly appreciate. All the cotton fabrics Wovenplay use are organic, and printed with low impact paints and natural dyes – sometimes the dye process is as simple as brewing a coffee dye bath to achieve cream. While we were there we watched Katherine at work, hanging a batch of dyed dresses to dry. They were a custom colour order to be shipped off to boutique in Canada. Katherine is so happy to indulge and the fact that she can do these small specialty runs for her clients is one of the beauties behind her company.


Majority of the production is done in-house, and if you peek around corners at the Wovenplay boutique you will see racks of hand drafted sewing patterns and sewing machines. The studio is a working space, but still it is curated with Katherine’s great style and attention to detail. Garment construction and process tools are both useful and beautiful objects because of the considered placement.


In addition to opening the Wovenplay boutique as a space to visit to buy items for children, Katherine is using the space to support artists, by hosting exhibitions in conjunction with NewPatron. It has long been a dream of Katherine’s to create a hub that incorporates her love of fine art into Wovenplays home base, allowing a connection between artists, prospective collectors and every day art enthusiasts like herself.

Subscribe to Wovenplay to stay up to date with the Wovenplay happenings, like the monthly reading Series starting 2pm Saturday, May 10th. Plan an outing, the boutique is open Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm. Katherine looks forward to meeting the grown-ups who love Wovenplay clothes, and the little people who wear them.

Visit the Wovenplay Boutique:

190 West St, Brooklyn. NY, 11222

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