Apple picking


Ohlala it is Apple picking time and this is a favorite outing in our household. We really look forward to this day out, the wildflowers and the scent of the orchard filled with sweet ripe fruit. As is our annual tradition that we have done since Elle was a baby, we went to Maskers Orchard.  We like this Orchard and keep on visiting for sentimental reasons rather than it being ideal. It is not an organic orchard, and in fact this might have been our last visit to Maskers as I could see that the base of the trees all had dead/killed weeds around them. I sat with tis knowing for quite a while, looking at the dead ring around the tress. I have not noticed this on previous visits, which was perhaps from going very late in the season. On this day however the distinct round circle of tall dead/brown flowers and grass is a give away that something specific has happened to kill it. Anyway weed spray aside we had fun picking apples and it is a picturesque scene.


We had a wonderful time and are ever so grateful, but I have to admit the apples themselves were not that great. They are beautiful apples to look at and so ‘for show’ this is a great outing. I do not recall ever picking yummy apples in all the years going here, so this is an orchard to visit because it is pretty, not because the apples are especially delicious. I have not tried every apple of every tree though, so if you have picked great apples from Maskers, you are lucky! I give it the benefit of the doubt!


We packed a thermos of chai tea and some muffins. The girls took their Dancey Pants Disco dolls and we had a beautiful time picnicking. I wish every day could be this way, watching the girls run through the orchard is lovely. They really enjoy climbing the trees and picking apples. As I mentioned the orchard is ever so pretty, with a quaint country store and friendly staff, but if you want to pick fruit for eating fresh, then you might want to look elsewhere.


Elle is wearing : Pierrot la Lune Josephine Dress, Red Creek Handmade Star Vest, Frye Dakotta Boots

Maya is wearing : Nico Nico Naomi Dress, Custom Harfang Belt, Frye Dakotta Boots


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