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Like little signs on our path, flowers hold messages and meaning and if we look, listen and drink in the scent, flowers can inform us in our daily life. Ancient symbolism is held in flowers and by being aware of the symbolic language, you might find those walks in the garden or woods become a little deeper and more meaningful.

I connected with good friend (and amazing Mama), Lauren Luquin of Spiral Elixir about Flower Messengers and the art of flower communication. Lauren is a gifted Spiritual Aromatherapist who helps people on their path by recognizing what messages our environment may communicate with us.

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Hello Lauren,

Let’s start with the basics of understanding how flowers can be messengers! Can you please tell us a little about this!

Flowers are powerful beings. Taking note of how flowers make us feel is the beginning to understanding how flowers offer us messages. Some people get confused and think that the message is like words, being spoken from the flower to the person… But what actually happens is that flowers mirror the flowering of the mind, and as we expand our heart and allow the center of our mind to open up to inner intuitive guidance we see parts of our self and recognize information that helps us deepen our awareness of our life. People are naturally drawn to flowers that will reveal the message they may be needing.

Flowers convey information and stimulate us within our body by the energetic vibrations they emanate and the inspiration they offer us simply by being. All flowers are sources of strong energy and help raise the vibrations within a space. This is why people often bring flowers to special occasions, to uplift the energy surrounding a special event, a situation that calls for attention or one that has spiritual significance. If we are not open to a flower having a message for us, then we won’t recieve one. If we have an intention of truly listening and being open to guidance then information is revealed symbolically.

How can we apply this to our life?

In order to recognize messages from flowers we have to develop our senses. In order to translate the messages we must develop our understanding of symbology. Nature communicates to us through our physical and intuitive senses. The ability to communicate with nature is innate. Anyone can do it. To heighten your senses, spend more time in nature. To communicate better with flowers, spend more time with flowers.

If you are looking for answers they will come to you. Translating messages from flowers requires introspection and self-awareness. You have to be open to information that may come into your mind, but may not always be pleasant or what you want or expected to hear. When you begin looking for messages from flowers, ask yourself how you feel about doing so… If you feel like you are having a lot of self-doubt or negativity rise up in your mind, this may be your message.

Messages from flowers and all Nature are multidemensional and will provide confirmation on your path. Sometimes messages will not be simple or straightforward. You will get better at interpreting multiple messages and seeing how they all form together for you to glimpse a bigger picture. Open your mind to possibility. Think about the way it smells, looks, feels, where it grows, where it’s from, what animals or insects rely on it, what uses it has, what color it is, what shape, how many petals it has, how you feel when you’re looking at it. Tune in to the flower and all it has to share. And use knowledge of archetypes, numerology, and symbology to begin interpreting what you sense… while also allowing those “aha!” moments to give you clear insight.

The saying, “stop and smell the roses” is a saying that most people interpret as meaning it is important to take a moment to fully absorb life’s beauty. Beyond just looking and seeing though, this saying encourages us to use more of our senses to be present. Smelling the flowers is really important too.

Yes, flowers contain living essences that are detected by specialized olfactory receptor neurons in the nose. Smelling flowers that have therapeutic properties can instantly change your mood, awaken your senses, or reduce stress. Roses happen to have a very complex collection of chemical components, are emotionally uplifting and have been used as symbols of love and beauty in many societies worldwide. They contain a lot of energy and are easily recognized by most people. Inhaling the aroma of certain flowers can have many benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You refer to flowers as medicine, can you expand on this idea that flowers in their fundamental state can heal us?

True healing comes from our ability to recognize our own power, to harness it, and to do what comes naturally to us. When I refer to flowers as having medicinal properties, that is because some do actually contain essences that help in the healing process of certain physical and psychological disorders, but also because they are spiritual conduits for high vibrational life force, which reflects back to us our own power, strengthening us, uplifting our emotional state, making our body and mind more able and willing to heal our self.

Flowers provide an endless source of inspiration for people, and we see flowers extend across all mediums in the arts. Be it a song, a painting, or floral print fabric, flowers are a motif people celebrate time and time again. Why is this?

Nature holds the key to all the problems we think about solving. Nature is where we turn for healing. By understanding nature we understand the world… we understand our self. We find answers to our questions even those deeply spiritual ones in nature. Nature provides gifts for our journey, and flowers are one of those gifts. No matter where life has taken us or where we seem to be going, there is always a path that is open to each and every person. The path of Nature. Flowers represent the beauty of Nature. They are the fully developed optimum stage of a plant… and symbolically, plants are just like us. They grow, communicate, reproduce, adapt, and defend themselves. Metaphorically, flowers bear the seeds of life. They are gateways that help people connect to higher dimensions and other realms.

“Humanity will be saved through the flower.” ~ Huvenol (a Mayan elder quoting a Mayan prophecy)

Thank you Lauren!

Lauren shares more Flower Messenger wisdom at Spiral Elixir
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