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What a pleasure it was to collaborate with Such Great Heights. Our paths crossed and family friendships were formed by sharing a meal around a campfire and meeting for homemade ice-cream in upstate New York. Spending time with this family has been precious and we are honored that we were included as a part of their NYC adventure. A journey that dreams are made of, you can read about it on the beautiful Such Great Heights family blog.

Originally from Australia, this family of four behind the brand are on a grand US tour,  that had them sail by ship from Australia, through New Zealand, Hawaii and then arrive in San francisco. From there they made their way to the Big Apple, where they have been connecting and creating, and just generally spreading their wonderful energy – non stop!

What started with Jo’s love of textiles, led to her sewing a cape for her daughter. Soon all her friends where asking for a cape too, and before she knew it, Jo was sewing up a storm. This led to Ryan retiring from his career in film to help the brand evolve into what it is today; A dynamic and creative business, fueled by a passion to do things well and beautifully.

Their products feature ethically and consciously produced children’s play tents that can convert into clothing racks, and after years of customers requests, they offer an adult size clothing rack now too, artfully made from sustainably grown American maple. Clutches, cushions, capes, and a growing range of clothing, all made from exclusive fabrics printed with designs by contemporary Artists. These collaborations with illustrators and designers are always inspiring! Featured below is a print by Melbourne based artist Laura Blythman.  We love you Such Great Heights!

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