Babaá By The Sea


It is no secret I adore Babaá knitwear, and the Spring and Summer cotton selection available now is ever so lovely. Substantial but airy, with a large knit, it is artfully textured but not too delicate. There is something about loose chunky cotton that feels free and easy and when you combine this with the quality of the cotton and the classic colors you have a jumper that you will enjoy wearing forever. Marta has extended her children’s range this season with a finer gauge organic cotton knit too.

Babaá jumpers wear well across genders and ages, I have found Maya and Elle can share and swap and it reinforces to me just how versatile they are, making them a sound investment piece. They rise to heirloom status and I can guarantee they will be handed down with love to friends or family, or tucked away in your cedar chest to save for grand babies.

The perfect item to pack for those days by the shore, to have on hand after hours of saltwater and sand. When the wind picks up by the sea, or when you are squeezing the last days of warmth out of the summer season, and it is time to get cozy. You will grab them again the first signs of spring.

You may enjoy reading about the efforts Marta goes to sourcing the finest quality materials for her Babaá products… “We keep working hard to find the best materials for our knits, for our environment and for YOU.” and I know this is true! Babaá is golden through and through.

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