Taproot Issue 15 Folk


When Taproot Magazine comes through our mail slot I am always pleased. You just never know exactly what wisdom and skills editor Amanda Blake Soule will have chosen for us, but you can rest assured it will be helpful content. With confidence in the people she attracts I am grateful for the guidance and this platform of expression for those of us wanting to live life alive. With the same integrity and care she raises her children (and livestock), Amanda nourishes the larger world.

I particularly liked the article titled Sunlight Meditation, that was a compilation of three writers thoughts and experiences woven together to share a holistic perspective of healing. “Step into the sun, metaphorically and literally to use these allies to remove the dark, constricted energy and restore your vibrancy.”

Thank you to the Taproot family, for the humble real voices you contribute to community. Alway  inspiring and engaging in an accessible and admirable way.

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