Wanderlust Blues

Magnesium Blue Suitcase

This time of Winter I usually get wanderlust, and the truth of the matter is that we are not always able to travel. Today I felt like writing a list to cure travel blues.

1. Social media can be a great place to meet friends to do a house swap with. Even if they live only 1 hour away.

2. Meeting new people, forming friendships can be like a destination, new friends to discover and explore can be just as enriching and uplifting as visiting a new place.

3. Gallivant where you can, accept limitations and find gratitude for what you CAN explore. Sometimes it is the digging deeper in the same place on repeat that we get life’s gifts.

4. Re-arranging your furniture and creating a new view and perspective in your daily space can do wonders.

5. Invite guests from out of town to come and stay. Sometimes the answer is curing someone else’s wanderlust.

6. Invite yourself to stay with a friend. Even if the friend’s house is just down the road. Sleep overs don’t have to be just for children!

7. Get on board the Soul Plane! Take a cosmic journey. You can transport your mind through mediation and spiritual practices. Rise, soar and explore with the soul!

8. If you have small children, pretend pack, and pretend travel. Imagination play is magic.

9. Savor the longing, use this time to really define your travel goals. Longing and desire can help us on our ultimate life path if we use the feelings wisely.

10. Relate to the animals, it is so nice to remember some migrate, some hibernate, some just stay happily present. Know your inner bear or accept you are a monarch that has to fly south when it gets cold.

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