What is Valentines Day Mummy?

This year was Maya’s introduction to Valentines Day. When I collected Maya from playgroup yesterday she had a bundle of hand made Valentines cards! One boy in particular adores her and brought her chocolate coated almonds wrapped in hand stamped heart tissue paper that he made. It could not be cuter, she had captured the heart of her classmate! I was so touched that such a creative thoughtful boy showed symbolic affection towards her, and that her first learnings of Valentine were pure and kind.

After class he asked if they could go to the park together. Despite the freezing blizzard conditions I said yes. His sweetness warmed my heart, and so Maya and her boy-friend had a sledding date. He showed her how fast he could go down the hill and she stood by a tree watching and then praised him appropriately. He then offered to Maya that he would watch her sled, and said ” If you fall off, or run into a tree, or get scared, you don’t have to worry, because I will be there to help you”. I listened to him say this with such sincerity, and while he is only five years old, he knew just the right thing to say. I was smiling because he was so cute, but a really what made it so special was that this is what he felt to say. He has not had much chance to practice these words, or articulate what love is, yet here was this little boy of five, saying to my little girl of three, that someone is there watching out for her. Someone who cares.

This┬áto me is what is what Saint Valentines Day is about, showing someone that you care…..

Happy Saint Valentines Day!

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