Little Skirt

I have been working on spring clothes for the girls, and have finished the first item of the ‘spring line’. A cotton voile skirt that actually fits both the girls but was made for Maya. Maya has lots of input while I make her things and is definitely part of the process, making her my assistant designer!

It takes me a while (with such little helpers) to get something made from scratch. I generally draft my own patterns or sew without patterns and so the process is nutted out along the way. I can sit and look at a piece of fabric for hours before it ‘speaks’ to me.

My family all sew, even my Uncles have been known to sit at the sewing machine. All credit must be given to Grandma for teaching us. Grandma was a Sewing Teacher professionally and has sewn her whole life. Her home has always had a large sewing room with every sewing item necessary to make just about anything possible! I have spent a good part of my life with her, learning to sew. I loved as a child, teenager and adult, digging through the fabric cupboard, and being inspired by the colours and textures. I made my first skirt when I was seven. It was a red cotton drill skirt with an elastic waist. Aunt Heidi helped me make it.

One of the wonderful things about sewing, is there is always something new to master and make. I have many more years of sewing ahead of me, and so much more to learn. There is a sense of  fulfillment gained from skills passed from generation to generation, be it something I learn from Grandma, or something I am teaching my girls.

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