Fly A Kite

Today I found a brand new kite still in the box. It was on the street as I walked to collect Maya from playgroup. While it looked like a very cheap and not so good a kite, it turned out to be perfect for the kids as it was very easy to fly. Finding this treasure reminded me of the joy of finding junk off the streets of Brooklyn.¬†With the return of the warmer weather, comes the return of stoop sales and piles of free junk! The wonderful time of year when an inherent need to minimize, remove clutter, and dare I say it, spring cleaning time is upon us. As households start to discard things not used, out grown and not wanted objects are left on stoops. Thus the saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure….and in this case, this trashy kite entertained numerous kids for over an hour, which is oh so valuable!

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