The Talking Tree

This Sculpture is on 2nd Street across from The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture garden entrance gate. I pass it on my way to collect Maya from  school. It is in the yard of a private home and I often look at this marvelous tree, wondering who made it, and what the hands are signing?

After recently seeing the Broadway show The Miracle Worker . The true story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, I was reminded to be grateful for the gift of communication. It is easy to take the words we verbally speak for granted. As a young girl, Helen Keller is stricken with scarlet fever. The illness leaves her blind, mute, and deaf. Annie Sullivan is employed to help Helen overcome obstacles and learn to communicate. As taught by Annie, through Touching Sign Language Helen begins to ‘speak’. A very inspiring story and a wonderful reminder of how rich communication makes life, and the diverse ways in which we communicate.

As the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”. Communication through Art is abundant and this Sculpted Tree says so much. Made of brass castings, I do not know what the Artist’s intent behind the work was, but I very much admire this sculptural ode…..and shall endeavor to decipher!

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