Earth Hour

On Friday one of Cam’s work colleagues gave him the BBC Planet Earth DVD series with David Attenborough. It is a 5 disc documentary of the Earth as we have never seen it. Explored through 13 episodes: Pole to Pole, Mountains, Fresh Water, Caves, Deserts, Ice Worlds, Great Plains, Jungles, Shallow Sea, Seasonal Forests, Ocean Deep, Saving Species, Into The Wilderness, Living Together.

Over the course of this weekend, as a family we watched the episodes. This became a wonderful prelude to Earth Hour on Sunday night. It is estimated that 1 billion people participated in Earth Hour, by turning off their lights for an hour between 8:30 and 9:30pm

Cam and I happily and easily sat in the dark for Earth Hour. A effortless thing to do considering the value. The girls were both asleep by this time and so were not a part of the unifying environmental experience, however having watched the enthralling ‘Planet Earth’ series over the weekend, much of our play today has been directed at appreciating planet earth.

Rain today means it is an inside day for us, and so our adventures consist of exploring house plant jungles and cubby house caves. The best part of all is that our explorer accessories are courtesy of the the recycling bin. Sometimes the best activities are the simplest ones, and in this case don’t cost the earth!

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