Easter Eggs

Going on an Easter egg hunt can be lots of fun, especially when you find lovely hand dyed eggs! Maya and I dyed a dozen beautiful brown eggs into an array of vibrant colours. We then took them to a picnic that we had today with friends. I hid the eggs in the park and the kids (big and little) had lots of fun finding them. I had purchased the eggs from the Grand Army Plaza Market this morning, they were so fresh and yummy……I really enjoy a fresh egg from a free range organic fed fat brown hen!

Dying Eggs

You will need: Eggs, food dye, white vinegar and water.


Fill a large pot half full with water, add a tablespoon of vinegar (doing this help keep the eggs from cracking, and if they do will lessen the egg spreading). Gently add eggs, making sure the whole surface area of the egg is covered with water. Bring to boil slowly. Once the water is boiling, continue to cook for 11 minutes to have hard boiled eggs. Remove from heat.

While eggs are cooking prepare food dye cups. Have a cup for each colour you intend to use. Put 1 teaspoon of vinegar into each cup. Add 10 drops of food dye to each cup. Boil some water. When the water had boiled add it to each cup with dye and vinegar in it. Add enough water so you can submerge and egg.

When the eggs have finished boiling let them cool enough so you can handle them, then dip then into the cups of dye, leaving them in the dye solution as long or short as you would like to achieve desired colours.

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