Party Preview

Since becoming a mother I have realised that I can still get things done, it just takes me twice as long. I like to give myself plenty of time to do things…and so this often means starting creative projects months before necessary. Maya turns four in about 7 weeks, which is plenty of time to get crafty and prepare some special little things. The fact that we are moving two weeks before her party means that we will have been in our new place briefly and the weeks leading up to it are likely to be dominated by packing and unpacking. SO, I have begun her part preparations now. I thought if I got in and made them I would be doing myself a favor….it also means that as soon as I am done making things I can box my craft supplies!

Here are the preparation photos of her party favors…what am I making you might wonder?….well stay tuned and am sure to have them finished soon!

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