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I am really enjoying the preparations for Maya’s 4th Birthday Party, as you may have seen in the Party Preview post. I love organising the Girls parties. Hosting a party, to me it is a wonderful chance to combine my love of food, art and craft and decorating. I start thinking about the Girls parties months in advance and really put in a lot of effort to make their day special…I like to give their guests hand made gifts, making a fancy Birthday cake and decorating the house. So much so, that I want to re -visit the things I made for Maya’s 3rd Birthday Party last year. I made each child a crown to take home, and also a hair clip for the girls, and of course the princess cake! We still have two crowns that I made each for Maya and Elle in the dress up box to remind us of her special day…but unfortunately Maya’s first Barbie (from the cake) did not see it through the year….I wonder what her cake will be this year?

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I have had an amazing journey through life and am fortunate to be on the path I am on. My path has involved mistakes, or things I would do differently and things I am not round of, but I am a person who strives daily to make better choices, and learn, and share that journey with others. I was not brought up to think Barbies and plastic toys were not the best option, it was something I had to discover on my own, through my love of the environment and it was a gradual discovery. We did not go “no new plastic” free until 2011 (just after this birthday actually), and it took a few years to weed out all the plastic that we already had. My children no longer have any Barbies (other than my Mother’s childhood Barbie, and the Handmade Clothes my Grandmother made it).

    My children do not attend a Waldorf School, and I state that we are Waldorf inspired and influenced. We love Waldorf ways, you are publicly measuring me against Waldorf beliefs, and that is dogmatic. At that point in time I was only just finding my power and ability to say no to things in society, I was still waking up you might say. I considered going back through my blog and hiding aspects of my life that I am not aligned with now, but I think it is important to share the journey. I was that person who was not as educated, aware or strong, but now I can be proud that I make what I think are better choices. I am still on that journey to make better choices daily.

    You are right, Barbies are not very Waldorf, You could have instead focused on the fact that I made made each guest a felt crown to take home.

    Let’s rise above it. Thank you, though Emma, you have inspired me to write about this and share your comment with my readers that are interested in the journey.

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