We had a glorious day yesterday for the Maypole Festival with Maya’s Waldorf Playgroup. It was balmy hot and humid, and we were all looking a bit like wilted flowers by the end. A wonderful time was had in the summer like heat, a mounting tempest to the storm that was predicted. Thankfully the thunder and lightening held off and the clouds waited to empty their full bellies until well after we were home in bed. The Maypole Festival was held in the Vale of Cashmere, a secret spot in Prospect Park. Old Maypoles can be found there rotting in the woods from previous Maypole celebrations. When we arrived to set up our Playgroup Maypole we were delighted to find a very large Maypole laying on the ground from the previous day. It was tightly woven by what could have only been a beautiful Maypole dance. Each family brought a bouquet of flowers and food to share. We took along lilacs from the farmers market and homemade carrot cup cakes that we decorated with miniature azaleas. It was a great day out for our family, Maya had so much fun she asked if we could do it again today!

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