Maya’s Rainbow Piñata

Here is the making of Maya’s Birthday piñata, a rainbow piñata of course! We all worked together to make it, such a fun family project. I am really excited to see the children enjoy it. There will be a special surprise for them when they hit it beyond candy and treats. I have filled the piñata with gold glitter and put small holes in the bottom of it so when the piñata is hit golden glitter sparkles will fall from the rainbow!

Hopefully it will be magical and special and the Birthday Girl will be delighted!

10 thoughts on “Maya’s Rainbow Piñata

  1. I hope you are going to put up instructions for all this party stuff Kirst! It is Riley’s birthday on the 29th May so I need all the help I can get!!

    Gorgeous photos, writing and family as always. I love you xxx

  2. Hi There Lovely!
    What is the theme of Riley’s Party going to be….I can brainstorm for you….already I an thinking rocket sips made from toilet rolls….lets put you in the creative stream!

  3. I LOVE this pinata you made! I’ve been searching and searching for something this beautiful. Will you share the instructions? My daughter would enjoy this craft together for her party. Or will you make / sell another one? Thank you!

  4. Hi Cari,
    Thanks so much for the positive feedback for the pinata. It was a lot of fun. I filled it with gold glitter and put holes in the bottom so when the kids hit it gold dust went everywhere! Maya loved it! I am not sure that I can give more instructions right now, the photos do show some of the process, so you might be able to work it out by looking closely? It does take some time to do, maybe 4 hours, and as with many hand made things the time it takes to make it out-ways a reasonable price value. I will be making another pinata in Maya for Maya’s 5th Birthday so I will be sure to put more detailed photos/instruction this time. When is your daughter’s birthday?

    Have a great week!


  5. Thanks Kirsten—love the glitter idea. It looks like a cardboard cut-out, small pieces of duct tape, glued on tissue paper? How did it hang? If you do have any time to respond, feel free to email. I think I’ll give it a try this weekend; we have some time. Her 5th birthday party is in two weeks, but I haven’t found a local rainbow pinata that I like (some of them have the colors mixed up!). Thanks again!

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