Balance is an ability to maintain the center of gravity of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway. When exercising the ability to balance, one is said to be balancing. Balancing requires concurrent processing of inputs from multiple senses, and perception of pressure, while the motor system simultaneously controls muscle actions. The senses must detect changes of body position with respect to the base, regardless of whether the body moves or the base moves.

The ability to balance, is something we learn, from the time we are born, we learn to balance our heads on our shoulder, we learn to walk, and then we learn to balance on one foot, to balance on stationary objects, and then to balance on moving objects. Balance can come and go throughout our lives depending on age and health or maybe it has to do with fear or bravery. In some cases it can be lost completely, while for others remarkable balance is developed and it is consider a great skill.

Here is Maya, working on her balance.

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