We Wish You Could Come!

Extending a virtual invitation to all of our family and friends too far away make it! Here is your invitation to Maya’s party that we wish you could come to!

Dear Friend,

To celebrate Maya turning 4 we are having

Maya’s Rainbow Sparkle Party!

2-5pm, Sunday June 20th

RSVP Kirsten@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “We Wish You Could Come!

  1. LOVE these! I always have my kids create their own thank you’s for their birthday gifts and have been trying to decide what we should make for my daughter’s rainbow art party next month! These are PERFECT!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Kirsten, I am so glad you found the thank you’s we ended up making and commented! My daughter had so much fun making them! I updated my post to list you as the source of our inspiration 🙂 I completely meant to, but in my haste to get it posted, I forgot!! Thanks again for inspiring us!

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