Living out of boxes is not so fun, and for a compulsive person like myself it is near impossible to do. Within four days I unpacked all of these boxes and haphazardly found homes for all of our things. This was the first step in organizing our new home. The next was to place a few on-line orders for storing and displaying our things. Our last place had far more built in storage and so we had to buy some new furniture from Ikea and some baskets from Land of Nod and Pottery Barn. Then the third step will be to make everything ‘neat and tidy’. This is my favorite part. When I get to fold things perfectly and line things up and yes, completely indulge in domestic precision! I have to say, all of this has been exhausting, packing, cleaning, unpacking all the while looking after the girls. So tiring in fact that last night I fell asleep at 7pm!

One thought on “Un-packing

  1. Hi Kirsten! Blessings to your new home… looks beautiful. I’m sure it will feel just like home with your special touch!

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