Lismore Lantern Parade

While we celebrated Summer Solstice, on the other side of the world it is Winter Solstice. Had I happened to be on the other side of the world I would have gone to the Lismore Lantern Parade. Lismore is the town I was born in, and lived in until I was about 18 years old. It is 30 minutes drive inland from Byron Bay. Since I was a small child, Lismore has had a Winter Solstice lantern parade. This parade has grown in popularity and extravagance. It started with a a small bunch of adults and children carrying hand made lanterns and has grown to a community event funded by government grants for the arts as well as many local businesses. These photos were yesterday by my friend Christopher Dean. The amazing Lismore Lantern Parade of 2010.

6 thoughts on “Lismore Lantern Parade

  1. Great photos! I was at the Lismore Lantern Parade on Saturday evening, beautiful! If there were people standing beside the lanterns in the pictures, it would give away the enormous size of them… such clever, creative artists! I have been many times, but this year was extraordinary! It was a full moon that night, and we stayed up late and watched the full lunar eclipse which is something I have never really taken in before. Amazing!

  2. Kirsten, I am feeling homesick after seeing your photos of the lantern parade …… thanks a binch for reminding me why Lismore is such a special place!

  3. This year really did look like the best ever, I wish I could have been there! I really really miss the North Coast! Despite what people say, I have always liked Lismore.

  4. … I can actually feel Lismore and the North Coast calling … so far, it has been a very cold winter here in Armidale …. 🙂

  5. Hello. Long shot, but do you still have the original versions of these pictures, and if so, would it be possible to grab a copy? I work for LightnUp (the company behind the lantern parade) and made many of the fire pictures shown here. Trying to collect some photos of my work over the years. Hard to take pictures from backstage :o)

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