Fabric & Notions

The Girls and I went to the city the week before last to buy fabric to make new skirts for Fall and Winter. Walking into a fabric or notion shop is like opening a treasure chest of the imagination. There are endless things to make and create and spending hours with the girls wondering the isles of colour and texture is such a treat. Looking forward to showing you what we make!

2 thoughts on “Fabric & Notions

  1. How did you go with the creating??! We can’t wait to see what you made! … I received a new sewing machine – MY FIRST OF MY OWN! – for my birthday in July and am yet to find the time or the project on which to christen it! …. am searching for ideas and inspiration!!

  2. I have not made anything!!! Maybe when Maya starts Playgoup in 10 days I will find the time. I did start working on Halloween costumes yesterday…will post about it. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

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