Maya’s Drawings

I have a journal that I use for designing things I want to make. I use the pages to jot notes, paste inspiration and as a place for process. It is bound hard black cover art book with many pages. Since moving to Ditmas Park Maya has claimed “The black book” as her own. Often while I am cooking dinner or doing other household chores I sit the Girls at the table to draw and colour. Maya goes between colouring in Fabulous Doodles and drawing in my book. Maya is very good at colouring in and will concentrate on staying in the lines. When she does chose to draw in my book it usually involves my helping her with a dialogue like this: “Puffy longy leaves” Mummy, and “A long skirt with frills” and “Roses, can you draw roses”. As you will see, most of the drawing do have “Puffy longy sleeves” and “A long skirt”. Here are the collaborative drawings of Mummy and Maya.

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