What I Bought

Moving from a sub tropical town in Australia, to NYC with only one suitcase to call my own, has meant I have had the pleasure and need to buy clothes to suit the seasons. What we experience now is so different to the weather we used to experience. Where I once had no need for a coat, now I have the need (as I am average, and indulged) to own a variety of coats. A heavy good Winter coat, a casual Winter coat, a wet weather coat, a lighter coat for Fall, a Spring coat….and so on and so on. We are heading into our third Fall in NY and so I am finally getting into the swing of having a “Fall wardrobe”. Here is my new light Autumn coat and a few other cool bits and pieces I bought! Looking forward to the cool crisp days with my hands in my pockets while striding on footpaths covered with fallen leaves.

One thought on “What I Bought

  1. fun! i’m getting excited for fall too! i’ve always lived in the Northeast, but still haven’t gotten the wardrobe down. 🙂

    i love the belt!

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