September: Fundamental Food

For the month of September our family is focusing on fundamental foods. I will be buying only whole foods. Food that is complete in itself with no additives, fruit, vegetables, rice, beans, nuts, whole grains etc. We are going to make eating healthy a priority and make sure that everything we eat is fresh and wholesome. I would say that generally we do eat very well, but through out the Summer months a few ‘easy’ things crept into our shopping trolley that I think we can do without. Ice cream, chips, veggie sausages and patties, cheese crackers, toaster waffles, just to name a few items. All of these things I consider ‘sometimes’ things, not weekly things and so when I realized some us were eating ice cream a few times a week I decided that with Summers end so to would end our junk food consumption.

As the primary shopper in our family, and the only one who cooks, I have the power to influence my family to eat healthy. So with that I am making the decision to buy whole ingredients only. Once in my life this was my normal way to shop, and so it feels really nice to be that person again. Anything that is packaged with multiple food ingredients in it I am eschewing (except bread, ¬†yogurt, cheese and butter with salt). I am once again embracing slow food and making the time to cook in detail. We can still eat cookies, or pancakes, just as long as they are made from scratch….which I have always done. Now though I will also make Mayonnaise and lots of the other things so easily grabbed off a shelf.

I did my first grocery shop this week following this lifestyle plan and spent %20 less. So I am feeling an instant reward! I feel empowered to know that I am doing a good thing for my children by teaching them healthy eating habits. It does not take long for the Girls to know that we do not have ice cream and that instead they can have natural yogurt with fruit. I am teaching the Girls about food, and cooking and about what is actually in that box of cereal or packet of chips.

When shopping and Maya asked me for O’s cereal or something packaged I said “We can have them again in October”. Maya understands this and is really looking forward to it. Maya will then have the small simple pleasure of eating O’s again! Maya knows that Halloween is in October and so when I say, “You can have candy at Halloween” she gets excited and talks about her candy jar and how much candy she got last year.

Going without, allows us the pleasure of ¬†eventually having with appreciation, such a valuable life lesson. We will have a small celebration come October when we get to indulge once again….

2 thoughts on “September: Fundamental Food

  1. What a fantastic idea!!! Let us know how it bodes for the family .. particularly what the changeover back into October brings with it (and what new habits remain!!) …. I am thinking that this kind of eating – besides getting back to basics – could work like a detox for those of us who have formed bad eating habits! (Kai has often asked whether we could ‘try being vegetarian’ for a week! ….)

  2. You should try being veggo for a week! Easy! We are all embracing the change. A reason to eat different foods, and introduce new things to the Girls. We still are having treats, just not instant store bought junk….

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