Midnight Fairy: Deconstruction

While I said in my previous post that on Sunday I did nothing…this really is not true. I did quite a few things, one of which was to start Maya’s Halloween costume…..So here it is, my new project, Maya’s “Midnight Fairy” costume for Halloween. Maya has been talking about being a Midnight fairy for a about a month. Having been very clear that she wanted to be evil this year. To Maya black represents evil, and so while she still wants to be a fairy, which is hardly evil….her costume will have plenty of ‘evil’ black.

Here is part one of the project, the deconstruction. I found this dress at a local Salvation Army. A size 14 laddies evening gown made from polyester satin and embellished tulle netting. It was just what I was looking for and I could not have bought the fabric new for the cost of the dress.

Yesterday I drafted a pattern, and cut the dress up to create flat areas of fabric that I will now pin the pattern pieces too. I am not quite sure of how this dress is going to turn out, working with out a proper pattern means that I will likely shape the dress as I go based on the nature of the fabric, and of course what Maya wants. One thing is for sure…it will have puffy sleeves!

This project will likely take me the 6 weeks until Halloween…I will post updates as I go…fingers crossed it all goes well and I don’t end up shoving the unfinished dress in the back of the cupboard!

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