Perfect Sunday

A relaxing Sunday

It is amazing how the slightly cooler temperature of the weekend changed our days. Gone was the humid intensity we felt throughout Summer and instead was a perfectly warm (but not hot) day with a cool breeze. The crispness of the morning air had our Girls run for cardigans and tights, which actually was not necessary, but Maya is so excited for the change of season that anything below 90˚F means it is cold. “Mummy is it Fall today?” she said while we were out for our morning scooter ride. The change in the weather was a welcome relief, and because so we relaxed. We did nothing (well almost) but lay around in the gentle sunshine in the backyard. Gone was the Summer urge to go to the beach or such and instead was the welcome surrender to the change of season. We could feel ourseleves unwinding and enjoying the the cusp of Fall.

One thought on “Perfect Sunday

  1. We are welcoming the change of season here too Kirsten …. the bounce and energy, colour and fantasy of spring!

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