Summer’s End

With Labor Day on Monday, so came the end of Summer vacation. Teachers all across America resumed work on Tuesday and the Children started today (Maya will start Playgroup next Tuesday). Today being the first day of school for most Children meant that it was a good day to go somewhere with the Girls… more Summer crowds. It crossed my mind briefly to got to the Metropolitan Museum, but as the day started to warm up it became clear that it was a perfect beach day. We went to our special favorite spot that we have visited throughout the summer. Today was especially pleasant with a sea breeze, gentle waves and a receding tide. Over the hours we were there tide pools formed, which creates the absolute best beach experience for little ones. Free to splash around in ocean water shallows without the worry of waves knocking them off their feet. The Girls striped off their swimmers and pretended to be mermaids. We had picnic lunch, collect shells and beach glass….and no surprise they fell asleep on the 20 minute drive home. A little less than two more weeks remain until Autumn equinox and here is hoping we get a few more beach days like this…

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