Down-Under-Manhattan-Bridge-Overpass….and acronym that spells out cool. If you want to go to one of the hip, and artistic, areas of Brooklyn, then you should make your way to DUMBO. You can be guaranteed to find designer fashion and home-wares, book stores, adorable children’s boutiques and yummy specialty foods. If you walk along the promenade you will have a fantastic view of Manhattan. Previously an industrial site, the area has emerged as one of New York City’s premier arts districts. A few times lately we have spent the morning or afternoon wandering around DUMBO enjoying all that it has to offer. We do a little shopping, then have a danish, then we like to go the the playground and climb on the masted ship playscape. When we tire of that we like to go to the small rocky beach at the base of the Manhattan bridge and throw stones in East River…..and if we are lucky we might just spot a bride!

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