Harvest Festival

Today was the Harvest Festival at Maya’s Playgroup. Once again, this year I am the Festival and Events organizer and so I enjoyed the preparation of the day. It is a small simple Festival, that today was held indoors due to tremendous amounts of rain we have been having. Parents arrived at 11am, for the Puppet show, which was followed by a parent and child craft. We then had a potluck lunch. This was our first Festival of the Playgroup calender and it was so lovely to see the Families arrive with healthy home made food to share. Butternut squash soup, quiche, apple cake, bread pudding, apple cider with cinnamon sticks and so on…..The Children had made apple sauce as a surprise for the parents. The Girls and I baked ginger bread in the shape of apples (we did this last year too) and I put ribbons on them them and hung them off the floral center piece so the children could ‘pick apples off the apple tree’. The flowers (and sticks) were from our garden. We also took along brown sugared cinnamon roasted baby pears and home popped popcorn….and fruit to fill the cornucopia, it was a feast! I always feel a great sense of community at our Playgroup Festivals….looking forward to the next one in a month, the Lantern Parade!

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